What is the 4K Consulting?
It’s the approach that introduces the strategic thinking in the way we deal with the challenges in a personal and interpersonal level. The 4K Consulting focuses on three (3) levels:
i. The identification of the source of the unbalance
ii. The understanding of the problem as a dynamic condition, which affects and is influenced by the context as well (relations with others, personal and working environment, etc.)
iii. The familiarization with the way of methodically and directly addressing the challenges through personal planning

The introduced here approach is based upon acknowledging those aspects that define the manner the person deals with the smallest to the most crucial issues. Those facets are:

  1. Knowing our Environment / Content
  2. Knowing our Adversary
  3. Knowing our Subject
  4. Knowing our Self

In the first category fall all those factors, which exist outside the person, which influence and affect us directly or without realizing it, such as the family, the dominant social ideologies, the friendly or group values, etc.

The second part pertains not only to recognizing what is the actual obstacle that stands on our way, but also the source of it, be it another person, a group or our own self.

Knowing one’s subject encompasses the area of action and knowledge, as well as the priorities, mid and long-term targets.

The last facet includes the degree of self-awareness and the relation between the view of ourself and our actual potential and imprint.

Sufficiently acknowledging the impact of each aspect and adequately distinguishing among them upgrades our understanding for our self, the motives and the reasons for choosing to respond in a certain way. As a result of that, not only can we effectively evaluate and determine the way we act, but also adjust to a wide variety of challenges.